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Songlines Award 2023 winner - the Balkan band in the best Bregovic tradition on album tour in 2024.


10.11.2024 from 20:00 to 22:00 o'clock
CHF 28.00 / 18.00
Workshop Kultur-Bar

Divanhana like to think outside the box and have worked with the popular Turkish singer and actress Suzan Kardeş, among others, in recent years. One of the highlights of their career is an artistic collaboration with US musical star Bradley Dean. So this is how the Sevdalinka reached Broadway for the first time!

Divanhana have even used the enforced corona isolation for a new project: The "Quarantine EP" was largely recorded on the individual band members' smartphones while the musicians were scattered across six different cities in their home country. In this way, Divanhana made the best of the pandemic situation with limited resources.

"Zavrzlama" was recorded in Slovenia in February 2020, shortly before the first lockdown. The album was then mixed in Sarajevo in June 2021. The hauntingly reduced album opener "Na Kuslatu Se Mahrama Vihori" shows Šejla Grgić at the height of her abilities and skillfully maintains the balance between intimacy and latent threat.

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