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Stgazi d'istorgias

En la biblioteca hai in grond stgazi d'istorgias, er rumantschas.


12.06.2024 from 14:00 to 14:30 o'clock
Entrada gratuita
Chur City Library

En la biblioteca hai in grond stgazi d'istorgias, er rumantschas.
E quellas istorgias sa chattan en ina stgatla fitg speziala.
Ina giada il mais vegn la stgatla averta ed ina persuna raquinta da
Stailas crudantas, animals da la notg, chastels che sgola , muntognas che discurran, cristals che dorman e da circus magics ed anc bler auter...

Las mesemnas da las 14.00 a las 14.30 uras
Datas: 10 da schaner / 14 da favrer / 13 da mars / 10 d'avrigl / 8 da matg / 12 da zercladur

En divers idioms
Entrada gratuita


Story Treasure Chest

In the library there is a great treasure trove of stories, including Rhaeto-Romanic ones. And these stories are in a very special box.

Once a month, the box is opened and a person tells about shooting stars, nocturnal animals, flying castles, talking mountains, sleeping crystals and magic circuses and much more...

Wednesday, 2 p.m. to 2.30 p.m.
10 January / 14 February / 13 March / 10 April / 8 May / 12 June
in different idioms
Entrance free


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