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Bündner Herrschaft

Weinregion Bündner Herrschaft
Heididorf Maienfeld
Fläsch, Maienfeld, Jenins and Malans form the "Bündner Herrschaft". They are known for their excellent wines and for being at the gate to the canton of Graubünden. The town of Maienfeld is also starting point of exploring the home of famous book and movie character Heidi.


The region of Maienfeld, called "Bündner Herrschaft" by locals, is not only home to Heidi, the famous children's books character, but also to many great vineyards. The mild climate, the warm winds and the calcareous soil create the perfect conditions for growing vines. The approximately 350 hectares of vineyards produce an impressive variety of high-quality wines. Chief among them is the grape Pinot Noir. It was also this region which fascinated and inspired Swiss author Johanna Spyri in the 1880s. It was during repeated stays with her friends in the village of Jenins that Johanna Spyri was inspired to create the character of Heidi, which would turn into a series of novels that continues to bring joy to adults and children all over the world. But the region is also ideal for fans of Middle Earth, Hobbits and the Lord of the Rings: The Greisinger Museum has a unique collection of artefacts about J.R.R. Tolkien's works.


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